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As the support to domestic pressmen, the Foundation pays aide money to those who are engaged in the press for writing and publication. When the press is to be the mirror to show the right direction, our society will make a sound development. When the press is to catch up with the changes of international situation, to respond appropriately to them and to present the right direction, out society will prosper better.
As the support to foreign pressmen, the Foundation is operating
Bang Il Young Fellowship since 1997. Bang Il Young Fellowship sponsors Korean universities, research centers and press institutions that are to invite foreigners who are interested in studying Korean politics, economy, society and culture.
The Foundation established a new academic research aide program in 2000. This program provides domestic professors majored in journalism with research fund for a year and supports them to publish their research output.

The Foundation took over the Bang Il Young Scholarship Fund which was established in March 1974 by Chosun Ilbo celebrating the 54th anniversary and keeps on running the scholarship since 1995. Chosun Ilbo had been doing education work since before Independence that picked out and cultivated talented youths so that they could contribute to the country and society. The Foundation extended Bang Il Young Scholarship Fund and is supporting college students and graduate students. 325 college students and 13 graduate students in doctor's degree has been selected so far.

As an effort to bring up sound mental culture, Bang Il Young Foundation has held academic seminars. The seminar chooses socially controversial issue, identifies the problems though subject presentation and discussion, and seeks for the solution. In addition, the Foundation is proceeding a program to assist various seminars in relation with academic, cultural and artistic development.

The Foundation published the discussions in seminars and distributed them to domestic libraries and relating institutions. In commemoration of the 50th Independence Day, the Foundation published 'The Selected Editorials of Korean Newspapers' after 6-year hard work, which is a complete chronical compilation of editorials from Hansung Soonbo published in 1883 to the recent domestic and foreign leading newspapers
This work had the intention to record the contemporary views on history and society by collecting editorials which are the outcomes of the times, to look into the historical events and to think about the desirable country that we should make. The work is meaningful because it gives us a precious data on which we can see the history with the present sight and also because it leaves written records of valuable data that are likely to be gone away with the passing time. The Selected Editorials of Korean Newspapers are being distributed for free of charge to public libraries, colleges and universities and foreign institution of Korean studies.
'100 Years of Korean Culture', which was planned as an important publishing event in the year 2000, is a gigantic writing work that classifies the Korean culture for past 100 years and on top of which look out the future of Korean culture in the 21st century. Over 20 writers in 14 genres including literature, traditional music, western music, art and architecture are involved in this work. The work is supposed to be completed in June 2001.

The Foundation will keep on supporting people who are in diversified fields. Supporting necessary parts of the society will do an significant role to accomplish 'prosperous coexistence' because the better a society goes the higher a nation grows.