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the winner of the 12th award - Nov.18.2005
He make unique result in the "Daegum Sanjo(one of the music jenre)". And through the "Daegum Sanjo, which has clear and elegant plus happiness with sadness, he fertilized our musical ground. So he was selected 12th prize winner.

the winner of the 11th award - Nov.19.2004
She is also noted singer in this age, and devoted his life to preserve our music's mentle and development for over 70 years. Besides she tooks a lot of public performances and recorded a lot, so that she familiarize korean classical music. That's the reason that she was selected 11th prize winner.

the winner of the 10th award - Nov.21.2003
As a representative of Kayagum master and a korean classical music composer, he contribute to familiarize korean classical music in the world. And he is not only on the cultting edge of modernazation, globalization, popularization of korean classical music, but also teached students in the university to make junior for our korean classical music's succesion and development. That's why he was selected 10th prize winner.

the winner of the 9th award - Nov.22.2002
He devoted his whole life to the popularization of Korean traditional music as Myung-Chang(a great Korean traditional singer) of Babangi-gut. He also did his best to look after many young students in the same field. That's why he was selected 9th prize winner.

the winner of the 8th award - Nov.16.2001
He contributed to spreading and handing down the court music of Korean traditional music. He also promoted the spread of Korean Verse and originated musical note of it. He devoted his life to the development of traditional music. That's why he was selected 8th prize winner.

the winner of the 7th award - Nov.12.2000
The first holder of the important intangible cultural property of Pansori. He maintained for his whole life the leginimacy, old sytle and original form of the 5 stages of Pansori such as Soogoongga, Choonhyangga, Shimchungga, Heungboga and Chukbyukga. He left a huge achievement in the transmission of Pansori through publication of 'A Complete Edition of the Words of Traditional 5 Pansoris' and numerous stage performances.

the winner of the 6th award - Nov.12.1999
She did much for preserving the legitimacy and the original style of Seodo Sori at the risk of extinction with the nation divided into north and south. She produced A Great Complete Edition of Seodo Sori and contributed to cultivation of younger generation.

the winner of the 5th award - Nov.19.1998
He devoted his whole life to preservation, transmission, distribution and development of Korean traditional music filled with Korean spirit. He established the National Traditional Music Institute and Traditional Music High School, paving way for systematic education of traditional music and contributing great to its promotion.

the winner of the 4th award - Nov.18.1997
In order to restore traditional court dance at the critical moment of extinction, he excavated and realized over 40 kinds of dances which had been left only by dance book, contributing to transmission of orthodox court dance.

the winner of the 3rd award - Nov.12.1996
He contributed to revival and transmission of depressed Pansori by performing the whole 5 stages. He also did much for modernization of Pansori through creation.

the winner of the 2nd award - Nov.27.1995
He arranged the basis of systematic advanced education of traditional music by including it in the regular college curriculum for the first time. As the executive member of the International Traditional Music Institute under Unesco, he publicized Korean traditional music to the world and contributed to its internationalization.

the winner of the 1st award - Nov.29.1994
She trained and improved Pansori with Korean emotions, humors, joys and sorrows for life to establish her fame as the top master of Pansori. She did a great deal of publicizing traditional music to the world. She also contributed to cultivation of younger generation by positively participating in founding the Traditional Music and Art School.