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Photo Name Occupation Position
Han Myung Hee Former Professor of Music Dept. at Seoul Municipal Univ. Chairman
Lee Bo Hyung Chairman of Korean old record society Member
Hwang Byung Ki Professor of Korea Music Dept at Ehwa Women's Univ. Member
Yoon Mi Yong Former Chairman of The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts Member
Hwang Joon Yeon Professor of Music Dept. at Seoul National Univ. Member
An Sook Seon Professor of National art Dept. at The Korean National
Univ. Of Arts

Photo Name Occupation Position
Kim Moon Soon Managing Director of Chosun Ilbo Chairman
Chung Joong Heon Editorial writer of Chosun Ilbo Member
Kim Kwang Ill Manager of Culture Dept. at Chosun Ilbo Member
Seung In Bae Head of Culture Business of Chosun Ilbo Member
Lee Jung Shik The Secretary-general of Bang Il Young foundation Member