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is a program that selects foreign pressmen who want to learn and study Korea in various aspects including politics economy society culture and language through a competition and supports them to take induction courses at domestic colleges, universities and corresponding research centers.

, established in 1997, has given 12 pressmen from 11 countries the chance to take courses. Fellows has been selected mainly out of pressmen in Asian countries so far. Bang Il Young Fellowship will extend the program step by step and open wide to the pressmen from the USA, western developed countries and east Europe.

employs a full scholarship that supplies a pressman with accommodation expenses for 10 months (fixed monthly amount), full tuition and round trip flight.

Full time incumbent pressmen employed by foreign newspapers, broadcasting systems and news agencies can apply. There is no age limit. Application is accepted by mid October every year. Written application has been available at the foreign embassies in Korea and Korean embassies in foreign countries. From 2002, you can download the written application from internet while it will be still available at the embassies.