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「The Selected Editorials of Korean Newspaper」(14 vols. including bibliography), published by the Foundation over a period of 6 years from 1995 in commemoration of the 50th Independence Day, has been distributed for free of charge to 189 domestic libraries, 71 newspapers and broadcastings and 73 press institutions and culture & art associations. A limited number was sold as per personal requests

By the way, knowing its complete publication through newspaper Chosun Ilbo and internet Chosun Ilbo, many foreign institutions in relation with study on Korea showed a great interest and the Foundation donated the publication to 50 foreign institutions.

The 50 sets of publication were donated to such Think Tanks as Institution of Oriental Studies at Oxford University and Cambridge University in the Great Britain, Yenching Research and Institution of Korean Studies at Havard University in the USA, Institution of Korean Studies at Beijing University in China, Tokyo Central Library in Japan, Congress Library, CSIS and Bluekings Research in the USA, and Graduate School of Social Science and National Academy in France. The Foundation is going to donate the publication to the foreign researches and institutions that want to purchase it. .